The Week Before

My beads and I are off to the Somerford Keynes fete on Saturday, and I love the week before a fair/fete/show.  Most of the time, if I get to indulge in some bead making, it is exactly that, I play and create and try out new things.  That is half the joy of craft, experimentation, testing yourself to see what you can achieve.  But “the week before” is when I get to sit and really look.  It when I rummage through the box and pick out those beads that are most worthy of becoming jewellery.  Again I play and experiment and try to combine elements to create something that will get that “wow” or “ooo” response, but  most importantly for me it is when I really understand the progress I have made and just the plain beauty of glass.

Part of the process is to also go through my box of previously made items, and see how much I have already of any given colour range.  It is another reminder of what I can do and what styles I have used in the past.  I find it really useful to have that gap.  Rather than make and finish a pendant in the same week it is interesting to come back to the beads and look again, and sometimes I have very different plans for them than I originally envisaged.

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