Ready for the Fairs

I can’t make any more.  I have used all my best beads and all my silver.  It’s quite frustrating, but at least I have to stop.  Each time that question comes into my head, “What if I…?” the answer is no.  That is, until Wednesday when I get to frantically make some more beads to replace those that will be happily re-homed tomorrow.

This necklace is one piece that will hopefully find a new home very soon.  It’s unusual for me.  The lampwork beads are very soft colours.  There are purples, red, blues, yellows and greens, that flow into one another and give the whole set a wonderful range of tones.  The colours come from a silvered glass called Luna and depending on how you work with it the colours vary.  They just happened to look fantastic with a set of mixed agate beads I had, and then the copper clasp seemed to jump in there too.  Silver was just too harsh.  Overall the effect is very soft and subtle, and rather pretty.  I think I need to buy some more Luna.


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