Its that time of year (Nearly).  We’ve done Halloween, we’ve done Bonfires and now Christmas Fairs are on the horizon and everything starts turning red and white.

I’m still working on this set, having set them out today I think I still need a few more to make a really stunning necklace.  I’ve tried them with white or red pearls and with ruby swarovski crystals but think it will look much more classy with plain silver.  Each flower is made of two layers of glass, white then red.  What I like about this is that you have red flowers on the face of the bead, but that through the bead you see the reverse, the white flowers behind.  It gives them real depth.

Technically these beads are quite a challenge.  If you start making the flowers on too big a base bead by the time the flower is finished the bead won’t fit in the brass press.  Too little glass and the ends of the bead won’t sit nicely against other beads.  The flowers are made with circles of tiny dots of glass.  The circle is melted and poked with a steel pick, so that the glass is pushed in and the petals draw together.  That distorts the bead shape.  Each flower is then covered in clear which traps a minute bubble of air at the center.  Not enough glass now and the bubble breaks through.  It has taken me quite a while to create flower lentils that I’m happy with!

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