I can’t believe it’s nearly Easter already.  I have really struggled to get focused so far this year, for a whole host of reasons.  One reason is that I have very little time available at the moment due to my “day job”.  The less time I have the harder it is to concentrate on creating, and having those ideas for colour, pattern and shape.  There is nothing more demoralising than sitting in front of the torch and not knowing what to do.  On those days I rarely like the beads I create so I end up going off to do all the other jobs that need doing, a very unproductive vicious circle.

The other reason I have lacked focus so far this year is because I’ve been preparing to run a Craft Club at school, giving back some of my enthusiasm for craft.  Clearly I won’t be showing them Lampwork, but I’ve spent a lot of time thinking through all the great crafts that I can share with them.  It’s been an interesting insight into my own preferences and the kind of crafts and styles that most appeal to me.  I was quite surprised at how much fabric featured in there, and then comforted to see that it is the same layering of colour within that craft that I enjoy achieving in glass.  The letters went out to see who is interested today, so soon I shall be able to see how the pupils and parents respond to my idea.

Today I’m posting because I finally have a bead worthy of showing in 2015, and a picture that does it some justice.  So enjoy my teal heart and hopefully it can be a positive turning point to a more successful second quarter.

Teal Heart

Teal Heart

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