New Brewery Blues

It’s actually more turquoise than blue if you want to be particular.

May I present my collection for the exhibition titled “Journey,” by the Creative4UM group at New Brewery Arts, Cirencester. We are taking over the Pop-Up Gallery for two weeks starting tomorrow, so today I have been finishing, labelling and listing all my goodies.

The Creative4UM is a wonderful group of friendly artists and makers living and working near Cirencester. I’ve found them a huge support this year, and this will be the second exhibition I have been involved with as a result. The title of Journey is an interesting one and I’m looking forward to seeing how everybody else has interpreted it. Within my Lampwork it was hard to think how best to reflect the title. I could have shown a progression of beads. I could have shown some of my first and some of my latest, but when I’m not there to explain that would be difficult to get across. People might just think I have some very bad bead making days (Which is true!, but not the point). So I chose a more simple interpretation. I thought of travel, which led me to the sea and holidays and that became the blues and turquoise that you see above. The patterns of sunlight on water gave me the excuse to use lots of silver and sparkles and suddenly there I am playing with my favourite colour.

I hope the visitors like what they see. It should certainly compliment the work of my fellow jeweller in the exhibition Sally Davies ( I’m sure I shall find out what people think on Wednesday when I’m stewarding, let’s hope the sun is shining and everybody is cheerful.

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